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A nightclub takes step to prevent hearing damage

One nightclub was confronted with a problem faced by many, if not all nightclubs. It was producing an almost alarming amount of high noise every night. This meant that the employees and the patrons who visited the nightclub were exposed to conditions that could leave them with the lasting effects of industrial deafness.
Solution to the Problem
The goal of the nightclub owner was to reduce the noise output in the nightclub by 7dB. The sound system in the venue was suffering from a lack of maintenance. Very little bass frequencies were …

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Guide for Workers

A comprehensive guide to industrial deafness for workers, including causes, prevention, symptoms, treatment, and more.

Advice for Employers

Information for employers on their responsibilities to protect their employees from noise.

Case Studies

Industrial noise case studies offer real examples of how some companies have reduced noise at work.

Real Life Stories

Real stories by real people who have suffered from industrial deafness in the United Kingdom.


Comment and analysis on industrial deafness news and developments.

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Industrial deafness symptoms

Industrial deafness is particularly dangerous because the symptoms often come on so slow that it can be unnoticeable to the sufferer until it is too late. Since the hearing loss is almost always permanent, waiting until serious damage has been done to start taking action can be most detrimental to your health.
Because of the slow, creeping nature of hearing loss, it is important to administer self-evaluations of your hearing on a regular basis. You should make sure to really take in your hearing ability and be honest with yourself about …

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Factory worker suffers hearing damage at work

After years of being exposed to the loud noise of hydraulic impacts coming from various machines at his factory, Charles started noticing that he wasn’t hearing conversations quite the same as he used to.
Working for 10 years as a labourer in a factory that made and repaired boat motors in Manchester, Charles never thought about the prospect of losing his hearing due to the loud noise in his working environment. It was always something that he just got used to, same as his fellow co-workers. He would wear hearing …

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Explained: The Industrial Deafness Claim Form

If you have suffered hearing damage due to high volumes of noise in the workplace, and your employer did not follow their obligation to provide a safe and education-rich working environment, then it is your right to file an industrial deafness compensation claim. The first step is to fill out an industrial deafness claim form.
Filling out the form
After you find the solicitor for your industrial deafness (solicitors work on a no-win no-fee basis — and when you do win, the guilty employer is required to pay your solicitor’s fee), …

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Washers used on machine to reduce noise by 15dB

Background to the Problem
The employer in a workplace that uses an OMM-Type elastic yarn equipment encountered a noise problem with the machine. It was generating a high noise production of 100dB, obviously very dangerous for any worker to be exposed to on a daily basis. The machine is 10m long, 2m high and 1m deep. In its normal procedure, it covers elastic yarn with fine thread and winds it onto 160 spindles, which are laid out in two rows on each side of the machine. Each row of spindles is …