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[ 4 Sep 2011 | No Comment | 23,945 views]
A nightclub takes step to prevent hearing damage

One nightclub was confronted with a problem faced by many, if not all nightclubs. It was producing an almost alarming amount of high noise every night. This meant that the employees and the patrons who visited the nightclub were exposed to conditions that could leave them with the lasting effects of industrial deafness.
Solution to the Problem
The goal of the nightclub owner was to reduce the noise output in the nightclub by 7dB. The sound system in the venue was suffering from a lack of maintenance. Very little bass frequencies were …

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[ 3 Aug 2011 | No Comment | 8,789 views]
Loud noise from guillotine reduced

In one factory, the employer was confronted with a guillotine that was producing high noise levels in excess of 100dB directed at the operator’s position on the machine. This high noise level made the threat of aquiring industrial deafness high to any employee stationed at the operator’s position.
Solution to the Problem
After having the guillotine fully serviced and the hydraulics on the machine repaired, the employer had a collecting tray installed in the bottom of the machine, equip with rollers and covered with carpet. This collecting tray, thanks in large …

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[ 6 Jul 2011 | No Comment | 17,421 views]
Case Study: Notching Press in Factory

Background to the Problem
In one workplace, the notching press that was used to produce circular laminations was outputting high noise levels around the operating station in excess of 97dB. The employer had to purchase a new machine in order to keep up with production demands, and was hoping to develop a method of reducing the noise on the current machine in time to apply the corrections to the new machine before installation began.
Solution to the Problem
After completing a detailed inspection of the machine –- measuring the noise and …

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[ 2 Jul 2011 | No Comment | 43,421 views]
Washers used on machine to reduce noise by 15dB

Background to the Problem
The employer in a workplace that uses an OMM-Type elastic yarn equipment encountered a noise problem with the machine. It was generating a high noise production of 100dB, obviously very dangerous for any worker to be exposed to on a daily basis. The machine is 10m long, 2m high and 1m deep. In its normal procedure, it covers elastic yarn with fine thread and winds it onto 160 spindles, which are laid out in two rows on each side of the machine. Each row of spindles is …

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[ 7 Jun 2011 | No Comment | 37,868 views]
Loud noise high frequency vibrations from concrete vibrator

Within one company, a new concrete mould vibrator was scheduled to be installed for use on the production lines in multiple factories. This new machine was built for the automated manufacture of a new building product and was designed to be extremely efficient.
Unfortunately, while the prototype was being tested, the employer realised that the noise being created by this new machine was almost 100dB — well above the noise level any worker should have to be exposed to for any amount of time.
Solution to the Problem
After the employer, …

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[ 4 May 2011 | No Comment | 3,406 views]
Damping sheet used to stop ringing

In many workplaces, the pneumatic transfer system omits high levels of unsafe noise due to the process of pellets quickly passing through the transfer pipes. Further noise is created by the pellets moving inside cyclones in the machine. Most of the time, the high levels of noise are caused by internal “scratching” heard through the pipe walls, while some of the noise is due to the resonant ringing of the pipes. In one particular workplace, the ringing in the pipes was found to be the main cause of the high …

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[ 29 Apr 2011 | No Comment | 3,703 views]
Powder mill noise reduced using sock

In one factory, the employer was presented with the high noise created by the powder mill machine. The mill is used to ground materials into a fine powder and then drop them under gravity into an orbital sifter. The employees who were operating this machine were constantly being exposed to the loud noise from the mill. Unfortunately, the fine powder that the mill produced was abrasive, and would not only destroy a normal silencer, but it would also clog the silencer with the dust.
The employer at this workplace installed …

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[ 27 Apr 2011 | No Comment | 26,806 views]
Braider machine noise reduced using damping sheets

Background to the problem
In one workplace, an employer was confronted with the high levels of noise that were being omitted by the braider machine. Employers in the UK have a various legal duties concerning noise at work. The braider machine omits a high level of mechanical noises, caused by repeated interactions between the machine’s parts, which braid the outer sheath on electrical cables, much like many textile machines.
Thin metal covers were constructed over the wire reel and drive shaft of this machine. These covers were omitting an unhealthy level …